Effective Locators of Peeping Toms and Missing Persons

bug detectorThere are two sides to a story, even in court. Surveillance cameras arose out of a need to unmask the guilty, but machines are unbiased. In the wrong hands, the same security cameras serve to expose the innocent in a bad light. At the other end are bug detectors and radio frequency detectors, which zero in on hidden cameras and also microphones. Likewise, GPS trackers trail people and things for their safety even though the GPS has been designed to liberate travel.

Long-distance communication devices, including covert cameras and microphones, emit radio waves. When used with malicious intent, these snooping gadgets are labeled as bugs. Bug detectors can pinpoint those radio waves to inform you of a bug’s presence and/or location.

All it takes is to wave a handheld bug detector around a room. It should have sensitivity control and a built-in signal strength meter. The good ones work as sweepers plus RF scanners, nosing out all electronic products releasing radio frequency.

frequency detectorsNot all bugs operate on RF. Besides finding the wide band RF of wireless bugs, a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector performs laser frequency visual detection. A video camera lens within 10 feet will flash red on a specially focused viewing port of the lens finder, giving its location away.

Unless you need a bug’s physical location, a frequency counter bug detector can search out a wireless transmission with immense accuracy using current microprocessor circuitry. The actual frequency is displayed on an LCD screen.

GPS trackersThe mini GPS tracker is a mere three inches in height. It reports its location and speed of travel to either a mobile phone or an online computer. Listen in within eight feet of the tracking device, and visualize its coordinates using built-in mapping software.

Whereas radio frequency and bug detectors uncover damaging gadgets, a GPS tracker recovers loved ones. It can keep watch on teenagers or kids, the elderly, pets, vehicles and objects of value. Bug detectors, frequency detectors and GPS trackers prevent the misuse and abuse of otherwise well-intended technology.